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Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Alec Shumate is an illustrator for the film and television industry and a civilian Combat Artist for the United States Marine Corps. Inspired by the long history of expeditionary art, Alec has sketched exotic sights and locales all over the world, from remote villages and ancient ruins in Asia, to indigenous tribes in the Amazon jungle. Along the way he has been (voluntarily) poisoned, burned, whipped, starved, and temporarily blinded in pursuit of adventure. 


He is an alumni of the American Legion Boys State Program and graduated as a double-major with departmental honors from Chapman University in 2016. Alec is also a member of the Explorers Club and participated in the inaugural research expedition for the Next Generation Explorers Network. Since joining the Adventurers' Club in 2018, he has served two terms on the board of directors and has had the honor of carrying two Expedition Flags into the field. 

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